Learning Dvorak – Day 11

learning dvorak - photo of old typewriter

Dvorak is getting easier all the time. I hit 20wpm today, at least a couple times, but by the end of my practice I was back down to 14-15wpm. It gets harder toward the end of my practice and I find myself spacing out, even over keys I know well now.

But the head does not actively HURT. It only quits working now and then… without the pain.

I did 3 more lessons today.

I think that tomorrow I will cut it down to 2 and maybe to a full-keyboard test like the pangrams at the end. The practice tests are getting a little longer with each lesson and my speed is not increasing at the same rate. At 20 wpm it’s a 3+ minute test now.

I might also benefit from reviewing the earlier lessons quickly at the beginning – to see if my speed has improved on the keys I’m supposed to know already.

I don’t know, I guess at this point I just want some positive feedback. It’s hard to stay motivated when I’m so slow. It feels like it’s getting easier, but the test results aren’t improving that much.