Comparing 2020 Presidential Candidates

comparing 2020 presidential candidates - screenshot of virtual-debates website

Okay, so that video game I started playing 6 months ago? It’s been eating up all my spare time. Only recently another obsession has come up – and that’s the Democratic Primary horserace. I’ve been eating up everything I can find out about the 2020 presidential candidates. And I’m frustrated by the coverage.

I have two main issues.

One is that we get so distracted by the petty stuff. We spend a week debating what Joe Biden did or didn’t mean last time he stuck his foot in his mouth and a few seconds talking about how to solve actual problems. These candidates all have ideas about how to make our country work better for more people – I’d like to hear about the issues more often and talk about what these plans would cost, how we could pay for it, and what kind of results we could get if we did.

The other is that when we do hear an idea, it’s from just one or two candidates and we don’t get to hear what everyone else is thinking or proposing. That’s really what I hope for in the presidential debates – the ability to compare apples to apples.

What I really want to do is compare all the 2020 presidential candidates on the same issue side-by-side, and see which one most closely matches my own positions, nuance included. I like it when a candidate can explain their position in a way that makes me think more deeply about an issue, and maybe even persuade me to his/her viewpoint.

I couldn’t find anything quite like this online, so I set out a couple weeks ago to build it myself. And here I am tonight, launching the website:

You can research candidate policies quickly on the candidate pages, or compare candidate policies on the issue pages. I hope you will check it out. I’ll be adding more data to the site as the election season wears on.