NaNoWriMo – Day 13

Well, I am not doing so great. I’ve missed a couple days due to finding an old video game and making the mistake of actually playing it. I’ve gone from being slightly ahead of schedule to slipping slightly behind. Still close enough to think I can do this. Except for that video game keeps calling my name…

I’m at the part of the story now where Tyrion is at Winterfell and I’m trying to keep track of both timelines. One is where he is at in reading the book himself, and the other is the timeline where he is currently experiencing and possibly changing things.

There were a couple of slow chapters on the way to Winterfell and reading the first few chapters of the book. I think it’s needed in order to show his skepticism turning to belief. But if it’s slow to write, then will it also be slow to read? I’m wondering how I can make sure to keep it interesting to the readers during that slow build.

It’s picking up now and I’m having different problems. If he changes things… well, how does that impact the rest of the book? What if he talks Ned out of becoming hand of the king? What if he can keep Bran from falling? As the two timelines diverge then the book becomes less reliable and possibly even completely useless.

And also, how will Tyrion know? As the characters split off to different places, he can only be in one at a time and news travels slowly.

These questions are ones I’m still trying to answer – while playing my old video game, of course.

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