SHORT, Rebecca (1805-1850)

Born: 1825 England Mother: Father: Married: James J. Purcell 1830 Tennessee Children: William Washington Purcell James H. Purcell (1832, TN) Sarah Elizabeth Purcell (1834, TN) Gray Lane Purcell (1840, TN) Mary Jane Purcell (1845, IL) Edward Purcell (1850, IL) Lucinda Purcell (1856, MO) George Purcell Henry Buckley Purcell Joshua Purcell…

ASOIAF Timeline

I’m calculating ages for a fan-fiction story… this one is about Cersei getting a “do-over”, and I want to know who might have shown up to the tourney in King’s Landing in 272. A quick update to 276 for Three Tully Daughters by ProcrastinationIsMyCrime [timeline year=276]

PURCELL, Sarah Elizabeth (1834-1878)

Born: March 29, 1834 Tennessee Mother: Rebecca Short Father: James J. Purcell Married: James Revello McElvain March 18, 1856 Perry County, IL Children: Ida Mae McElvain Andrew McElvain John James McElvain (1858, IL) Commodore Bradford McElvain James Elmer McElvain Died: August 22, 1878 Lemhi County, ID Census: 1860 – Franklin,…

HICKS, Rebecca Philura (1799-1896)

Born: March 28, 1799 Albany, NY Mother: Mary P Van Tassell Father: James Hicks Married: Thomas William Smith ?? ?? Children: Mary Jane Smith Hannah Elizabeth Smith Charlotte Ann Smith Caroline Adelia Smith George Washington Smith Cornelia Rebecca Smith Died: February 17, 1896 Minneapolis, MN