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Web Design for me is mostly about a good user experience. “Pretty pages” are a part of that, but so is good navigation, useful content and great interactive tools. With that in mind, here is a list of the places I find most helpful in thinking about web design.

Everything Design

UX Booth is like a design expo in a website. They have 9 interesting categories to explore with both general “what you need to know” articles for beginners and more detailed articles to explore recent trends and case studies.

Design News & Trends

  1. Noupe
  2. A List Apart

Design Tips & Tricks

  1. UX Movement
  2. Luke W

Design Resources (Tools, Templates, Inspiration)

  1. Design Shack

Design Wisdom

  1. 52 Weeks of UX
  2. UX Myths
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Karen Freeman-Smith lives near Portland, OR with her partner, two grown children (in and out of the basement), and a cat named Shiva. Karen maintains two personal websites as well as several topical websites about: Programming, Web Development, Foreign Languages, International Students, Fiction Writing, and Typing.

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