Chapter 19 – Winterfell (Robb)

Margaery Tyrell with Robb Stark in the godswood

Robb Stark confides his concerns about his honor with Margaery Tyrell in Winterfell’s godswood.

“Do you ever wonder if I’ll seduce you one evening when we are alone?” Robb asked her.

Now it was Margaery’s turn to laugh. “You? Seduce me? More likely it will be the other way around.”

Robb grinned. She had offered quite a bit more than the few kisses they had shared. And he had turned her down. He was his father’s son. He was the son of Eddard Stark. He was honorable.

The more he told himself these things, the less he believed him. There was Jon, after all. His father had not always been honorable. His father had gone south to fight in Robert’s Rebellion and then come home with a bastard. Some southern woman had certainly seduced him. Maybe that was why he was so worried about these evening walks with Margaery. He was worried the same thing would happen to Robb.

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