Chapter 2 – The King’s Justice

Tyrion arrives in Winterfell just in time to ride with the Starks to see the King’s Justice done and find he direwolf pups.

This chapter follows the same chapter from the book very closely, except it is from Tyrion’s viewpoint rather than Bran’s.

Tyrion was feeling quite sorry for himself by the time they reached the holdfast and found the man, bound hand and foot to the holdfast wall. He was old and scrawny, taller only than himself and the boy, Bran. Dressed all in black rags, he was missing both ears and a finger.

“Frostbite,” the maester whispered when he notice Tyrion looking.

“A wilding?” asked Tyrion.

“From the black clothes, I’d guess a deserter,” returned the maester.

Ah, a potential brother then, if his quest failed. Tyrion looked a the man closer, wondering if he wouldn’t prefer Fat Walda. Her father only wanted her weight in gold in return for giving her a chance to become the Lady of Casterly Rock. And Tyrion suspected the old weasel knew exactly who the future husband was likely to be. His father would not be pleased, of course, but it was perhaps better than joining a brotherhood that made men as sorry as this one run away.

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