Chapter 26 – Bear Island (Lyanna)

Lyanna Mormont meets the party from Winterfell, including Rickon Stark to whom she has been betrothed. She is not easily impressed by any one, and the Starks are no exception.

A Note on Ages:

I feel the need to remind my readers that Lyanna is younger than she was when we met her in the show. While she is still a fierce little bear, she may not be exactly what you are expecting  – yet.

There is a fairly wide range of ages that the Mormont ladies might be according to the ASOFI wiki, but for this fiction they are:

  • Dacey (21),
  • Alysanne (18, with a 3 year old and a baby at the breast, both of whom she claims were fathered by bears),
  • Lyra (14),
  • Jorelle (10),
  • Lyanna(almost 7),
  • and their mother Maege (mid-40s).

Rickon is not quite 4.

Chapter Excerpt:

The wolves stopped, one by each of the guests with Stark blood and then settled by their feet under the table.

Your wolves are quite large,” observed Dacey.

Direwolves,” the bastard corrected.

Disrepectful, thought Lyanna. She decided she liked him best of all the Starks.

You can read the full chapter at An Archive of Our Own.


My inspiration for the Mormont women: She-Bears image by
My inspiration for the Mormont women: She-Bears image by


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