Compiling a Family History Book(let)

I’m planning a trip to visit my dad for his birthday. There will be some family there and I want to share what I’ve discovered so far with them.

Organizing the family history was one of the things mom and I talked about a lot, but neither of us had time to do. Trying to figure out how to file all the information for families is a challenge.

But this isn’t about filing the information, it’s about presenting it.

It’s not about publishing an official family history, it’s about inspiring interest in relatives who have never caught that genealogy bug.

So I’m building some family group sheets and family trees and adding some photos were I can. I’m trying to make it as easy to read as possible – scannable family history, more like a resume than a book.

It’s still a huge project and sucking up more and more time as I try to get it all put together in time for my trip.

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