Final Touches on the First Draft

I’m getting close to “done” with this first attempt at a family history book. My “small” project is about 3-400 pages at this point.

I’ve focused mainly on the family groups and gone back 6 generations – which gets to the last generation that was alive around 1850. I still have not figured out good sources for finding people before that time.

While I’m not including sources in the book, I am highlighting all the people where we have DNA connections, an including a links in the introduction to online family trees that have sources and other additional information for those who are inspired enough to investigate further.

I added a tree for each of the people in the last generation that is “quick and dirty” – in other words, I just took what I could find on line in other people’s trees and put it in the tree without verifying anything. They are hints, not facts.

But the trees are also interesting when they start at that point in history because people weren’t moving around so much and you can really see where that “branch” of the family was from. I have one that is all Germany, and another that is all Maryland, and another that is all Virginia. It gives a good “feel” for where the family is from.

And finally, I’ve thrown in photos where ever I could find them to help add some visual interest. I’m going to get a few copies printed and bound to take with me.

I hope my family likes it.

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