Learning Dvorak – Day 13

Oh, day 13 of learning Dvorak, and it’s an unlucky day. Maybe that is why I want to quit.

I picked up where I left off on the lesson review, but didn’t get very far before I started getting slower instead of faster.

I have found that I probably need more drills. The common letter combinations feel very awkward to my fingers and it’s things like “st” and “ere” that I find myself most often hovering over the keys where they would be on a qwerty keyboard… and it’s that hovering that keeps me from getting any faster.

As a result of that, I’ve updated the Dvorak lessons after the homerow to have a couple more lines of drills that include common words or letter patterns. I’m hoping that will help prevent so much hovering.

I’m also considering that the same type of drills might be useful on the qwerty lessons for beginning typists.

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