Learning Dvorak – Day 3

I reviewed the first 6 lessons and did 3 more typing lessons. I am typing this with the Dvorak keyboard, but I am so slow that I look forward to the number keys because they are in the same place.

And back with my old friend QWERTY. I had to pause half way through today and type a few lessons the old way just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten it. I don’t think I can recommend Dvorak to anyone who already knows how to touch type. It may be faster for those who learn it from a fresh start, but is’t so frustrating to type so slow!

I was never a fast typist, but I’ve been typing for years and years and finally, one year things started to click (thanks to a ‘letter invader’ game I played for several hours a day while I was out of work). I’d forgotten how hard it is to type when you are first learning. At this point, the best thing I can say for Dvorak is that it is reminding me that typing is really HARD when you first start learning to do it.

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