Learning Dvorak – Days 14-16

I actually thought learning Dvorak was going to make typing easier, but here I am nearing the end of my second time through lessons for the alphabet and I think that even if I did not have to unlearn QWERTY, I would still not pick Dvorak.

I’ve managed to increase my speed by about 5 wpm this week, and talked on the phone while practicing. It’s definitely getting easier.

I’ve also noticed a lot of very common words that seem to use only the left hand, or mostly the left hand. I have two objections to that.

First, I’m right-handed. So should all the vowels REALLY be under my left hand?

Second, it still seems slower when I am typing adjacent letters on the same hand, as opposed to going back and forth between both hands. Even worse, when two adjacent letters are typed with the same finger!

I find that this bothers me on both keyboards, but seems to happen much more often on the Dvorak layout.

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