MINARD, Milton David (1816-1876)

	Born:	 December 27, 1816
		 Springfield, OH
		 Mother: Ruth
		 Father: Daniel D. Minard
	Married: Hannah Elizabeth Smith
		 July 04, 1839
		 Sharon Center, OH

			Adolphus Pulaski Minard
                           b. July 28, 1840
			Edwin Hernando Minard
                           b. April 29, 1842
			Hellen E.C. Minard
                           b. March 19, 1846
			Smith Alanson Minard
                           b. November 12, 1848
			Lelia Cornelia Minard
                           b. April 22, 1848
			Linetta Adelia Minard
                           b. September 25, 1854, Victoria, IL
			Ruth Rebecca Minard
                           b. December 11, 1864
			William E. Minard
                           b. 1870
	Died:	 November 30, 1876
		 Osage Township, KS

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