Notable People in the Family Tree?

I was almost related to George Washington, by marriage at least.

Turns out the family mythology was only true if you went back to Noah…

But I did discover a notable person much closer to me on my tree. Turns out my dad’s uncle was a pretty impressive guy.

He slept on park benches while attending Harvard and went on to become a preacher and the president of a couple colleges. He worked on creating programs that gave more opportunities to women and non-traditional students. In his personal life he was involved in mentoring programs for at-risk kids. He sounds like an amazing guy.

The thing that seems strange to me is that, on my side of the family (from his sister’s viewpoint) he was not worth talking about.

So if might be related to a big name in history you brag about it left and right and make sure everyone knows that you are related whether you have proof or not.

But when a member of your close family is a mover and shaker, you pretend they don’t exist?

Is it from jealousy or insecurity?

I wish I had a chance to know my uncle while he was still alive. I would probably have been a little intimidated, but I bet he could have given me some great advice – the kind that actually makes a difference in your life choices.

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