ROSS, Richard W. (1823-1888)

	Born:	 June 3, 1823
		 Painter, OH
		 Mother: Unknown (from KY)
		 Father: Joseph Ross 1797-1842 (from PA), 
				son of Joshua Ross (1775-1854), 
					son of John Ross (1740-1804)
	Married: Susan Mariah Lease
		 December 25, 1845
		 Ross County, OH

			William Lease Ross, 1847, Ross County, OH
			Amos Aaron Ross, 1849, OH
			Phoebe Ann Ross, 1850
			Allie Ross, 1851, OH
			Mary Lissetta Ross, 1856, OH
			Sarah Mae Ross, 1856, Logan County, OH
			Samuel Hamilton Ross, 1859, Hardin County, OH
			Joseph R. Ross, April 8, 1862, OH 
			Mariah Belle Ross, January 11, 1865, Quincy, IL
			John Henry Ross, November 23, 1868, Iola, KS
			George A. Ross, 1873, Jefferson, MO

	Died:	 February 25, 1888
		 New Albany, KS

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