RYAN, Elizabeth (1846-1921)

	Born:	 November 24, 1846
		 Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Foster
		 Father: Joseph Ryan
	Married: Thomas J. Pilcher
		 December 21, 1864
		 Bloomfield, IA

			Laura E. Pilcher, October 13, 1865
			Lucy Ann Pilcher, December 20, 1866
			Nancy Elzina Pilcher, January 8, 1868
			Albert Curtis Pilcher, January 2, 1870
			Lenna Pilcher, October 21, 1873
			Florence Ollie Pilcher, December 1, 1876
			Hugh Elmer Pilcher, December 7, 1884
			Charles Alva Pilcher, December 7, 1884

	Died:	 March 19, 1921
		 Eldon, IA
Photo marked: “Hannah’s House”
Hannah (mother), kids, Elizabeth (sitting)

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