SKINNER, Harriet A. (1838-??)

	Born:	 about 1838
		 Mother: Elizabeth
		 Father: Henry Skinner
	Married: Smith Scott
		 September 2, 1858
		 Warren County, IL

			Mary E. Scott, July 1859, Illinois
			Sarah Scott, Abt 1860, Illinois
			Thomas Scott, Abt 1862, Illinois
			George Edward Scott, November 20, 1864, Illinois
			James Scott, Abt 1866, Illinois
			Leona M. Scott, Abt 1868, Illinois or Iowa
			Viola Scott, abt. 1869, Iowa			
			Lillian Scott, abt 1871, Iowa
			Lewis W. Scott, abt 1876, Iowa		

	Died:	 ??

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