The Passing of a Generation

I’ve been trying to get some family lists together today. There are a lot of grand-aunts and uncles who had half a dozen kids each. It’s really sinking in about this GENERATION right now. When you look at the whole group of them together it’s like you get to this year, and they all just DIE.

Today’s batch, it’s 2012. Like half of them died in 2012. That’s also the year my mother passed away.

More than half of the rest of them died within a few years one way or the other. Only a few died years earlier, and fewer still are still living.

It kind of makes you think about death a lot. Especially when you start noticing the kids in your own generation – the ones born in the 1960s are starting to go. That’s hitting close to home.

Not that I expect to die anytime soon, but I can see it coming. It’s going to be my generation passing before long.

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