Cersei Gets a Do-Over

I love the time-travel fix-it stories in the ASOIAF fandom. Usually, it’s Sansa who gets to go back in time and try to save the world, sometimes Jon, occasionally Arya…

My favorite so far is one that featured Theon instead as our do-over hero.

But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Cersei. What if she could do it all over again?

One thing I’m pretty sure about is that the fate of the world is not something she’s concerned about. The fate of Cersei Lannister on the other hand…

In this story I have chosen the fan theory that Jaime is Cersei’s volonquar. As soon as she passes out from him strangling her, she wakes up in the tub playing with him instead. Her reaction to seeing her little brother alone will probably change the timeline!

You can read the whole story at An Archive of Our Own.

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