Learning Dvorak – Day 10

I was so excited yesterday to see 30wpm on some of the Dvorak drills, but today I am back down to 15-16 as I added another 3 lessons to my practice.

This gets me off the home row. I think I prefer for the keys to be mixed between rows when I’m typing. It feels more “natural” than sticking to just one row. That makes me wonder about the idea that having 70% of the characters you type on the home row is actually better than 50% in the first place.

It might be true for preventing carpel tunnel though.

And I suppose “natural” is whatever you get used to. I’m just used to having my hands bounce all over the keyboard I guess.

On the positive side. My head doesn’t hurt so much when I’m typing, and I’ve noticed I try to type the correct key more often now (as opposed to catching myself going for the qwerty position).

I figure I’ve put in 5-10 hours so far. If it takes 100 to regain your previous typing speed, then I think I will make it if I can keep myself practicing that long.


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