Chapter 10 – Dorne (The Red Viper)

Oberyn and Doran Martell discuss plans for the future - fan fiction

The Martell’s discuss options for the future of Dorne in light of the Stark proposal.

“They mean to sell the girl for an army you mean?” replied Oberyn with barely contained fury. Pacing the room like a caged tiger, he seemed to be the more dangerous of the two by far. “Why don’t they marry her to me?”

“You?” scoffed Prince Doran, “you are a savage!” The prince continued to eat his breakfast as if they were discussing the warm breeze blowing in from the Summer Sea.

“As savage as this Dothraki horde? Haven’t you heard that the Khals give their women to their warriors to rape as well? Does that not make us as bad as the Usurper, to let the little princess be raped by a thousand savages?”

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