Chapter 9 – Kingsroad (Joffery)

Joffery Baratheon is trying to make the most of his journey north.

“The scouts have found a boar,” his uncle whispered, helping him dismount. “Load your crossbow and wait. They will try to frighten it into running our way.”

Joffrey was disappointed it was only a boar, but was sure his bolt would be the one to kill it none-the-less. He loaded and tried to position himself with a clear view of the spot he believed the boar would appear.

Then he heard the sounds in the brush and men yelling at a distance as well as the screaming grunts of at least one boar. Joffrey found himself bouncing up and down with excitement, trying to keep his crossbow steady and aimed. He barely heard the King order everyone else to stand down and let him take the animal.

The boar appeared and Joffrey shot his crossbow at it. But just as his finger touched the release, someone bumped into him, ruining his shot.

“Didn’t you hear the King’s order to stand down?” hissed his uncle Jaime.

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