Chapter 25 – Crypts of Winterfell

Ned Stark has second thoughts when the king finally makes it to Winterfell! I can’t believe it took me 25 chapters to get him there… it makes me wonder how long it will take to finish this story.

This chapter is mostly word for word the same as the book. It’s the King’s arrival from Ned’s viewpoint. A few changes were necessary because the story has changed.

A quick excerpt:

The wife has lost the husband,” he said carefully. “Perhaps the mother feared to lose the son, the boy is very young.” And not as capable of resisting Tywin’s influence as Arya was. In fact, Ned tried to reassure himself, one might almost feel sorry for Tywin Lannister if ever tried to impose his will on Arya.

You can read the rest of the chapter on An Archive of Our Own.

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