Learning Dvorak – Day 7

I did a couple of pangram tests today. It takes me so long. I’m getting between 9 and 10 words a minute. I managed to do the last one at 12wpm.

I know where all the keys are now. And that’s a good thing. My computer fell asleep while I had my keyboard on Dvorak and I had to type my password to get back in! (Well, that might be an interesting reason to learn Dvorak. Leave your keyboard switched over for an added layer of security. Even if they figure out your password, they probably won’t be able to type it! I may try this on my next job…)

I’ve decided I really do need to have some letter drills to help learn where the keys are – in relation to each other. I need to get better at common keystroke combinations as well. So I will be building some new Dvorak lessons for The Practice Test over the next week or so. My hope is I can find a good balance between the letter drills and real words.

I think it will be a helpful exercise to evaluate the standard typing lessons as well. They should have the same kind of balance between drills and real words.

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