Chapter 8 – King’s Landing (Littlefinger)

A peek at what’s happening in King’s Landing while the King is away.

“Some of my little birds in the Eyrie have heard a rather disturbing rumor, my lord. It would seem that Lysa Aryn believes her husband was poisoned.” Varys put on a mask of concern that looked entirely false.

“And why should I be concerned with what Lysa Aryn believes?” asked Petyr. It would be easy to dismiss Varys and his play acting if he wasn’t quite so alarmingly accurate.

“I thought the queen might want to know. If there is a poisoner here at court, why she might be in danger too.” And now Varys was looking at him through lowered lids. It was a charming pose, really, when it was some sweet young maiden, barely flowered, chatting with some soldier with a heavy purse.

“And you want me to warn her of the danger?” asked Petyr. “But you are too late, my friend, Maester Pycelle examined Lord Aryn’s body weeks ago and found no signs of poison, only old age. Perhaps Lysa left the city before she heard that news. It seems the danger has long since passed.”

“That is good to know.” Varys smiled and left.

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