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Most Recent (1860-1895) SURNAMES: Freeman-Timmons, Young-Ross, Scott-Pilcher, and Scott-McElvain

                   John Freeman (b.1821 in New York)
                George Alonzo Freeman (b.1850 in New York)
                   Julia Mulvaney (b.1832 in Ireland)

             Fred Alonzo Freeman (b.1875 in Kansas)
            |      Milton D. Minard (b.1816 in Ohio)
            |   Linetta Adelia Minard (b.1854 in Illinois)
            |      Hannah Elizabeth Smith (b.1821 in New York)
        _ Dale Merwin Freeman (b.1916-KS)
       |           Silas E. Timmons (b.1832 in Ohio)
       |        Silas Leonard Timmons (b.1865 in Indiana)
       |           Julia Ann Short (b.1840 in Indiana)
       |     Jennie Pearl Timmons (b.1889 in Kansas)
       |           Norman C. Church (b.1832 in Ohio)
       |        Synthia Elizabeth Church (b.1864 in Kansas)
       |           Harriet Lois Harpster (b.1840 in Ohio)
   _ My Dad (1943-CA)
  |    |
  |    |           Burrus Franklin Young (b.1844 in Kentucky)
  |    |        Everett Franklin Young (b.1868 in Kentucky)
  |    |           Mary Ellen Woolfolk (b.1848 in Kentucky)
  |    |
  |    |     Lilburn Morton Young (b.1892 in Kentucky)
  |    |
  |    |           Benjamin Morton (b.1840 in Kentucky)
  |    |        Minerva Agnes Morton (b.1869 in Kentucky)
  |    |           Sarah Ellen Harris (b.1846 in Kentucky)
  |    |
  |    |_ Elthea Marie White (b.1919 in Missouri)
  |                David Ross (b.1823 in Ohio)
  |             Robert W. Ross (b.1865 in Ohio)
  |                Phebe Lease (b.1823 in Ohio)
  |          Bessie E. Ross (b.1892 in Kansas)
  |                Richard W. Ross (b.1823 in Ohio)
  |             Belle Marie Ross (b.1865 in Illinois)
  |                Susan M. Lease (b.1826 in Ohio)
Me (b.1965-CA)
My Sister (b.1969-CA)
  |                Thomas Scott (b.1810 in South Carolina)
  |             Smith Scott (b.1836 in Indiana)  
  |                Mary Bivens (b.1804 in Kentucky)
  |          George Edward Scott, Sr. (b.1864 in Illinois)
  |                Henry Skinner (b.1793 in Pennsylvania)
  |             Harriet Skinner (b.1838 in Ohio)
  |                Elizabeth Fear (b.1806 in Pennsylvania)
  |     _ George Edward Scott, Jr. (b.1907 in Iowa)
  |    |
  |    |           Henry Pilcher (b.1814 in Virginia)
  |    |        Thomas J. Pilcher (b.1848 in Iowa)
  |    |           Honor Rude (b.1822 in Virginia)
  |    |              
  |    |     Florence Ollie Pilcher (1876 in Kansas)
  |    |
  |    |           Joseph Ryan (b.1817 in Ohio)
  |    |        Elizabeth Ryan (b.1846 in Ohio)
  |    |           Hannah Victoria Foster (b.1817 in England)
  |    |
  |_ My Mom (b.1945-CA)
       |           Robert Hamilton Scott (b.1824 in Alabama)
       |        Maxcy Gregg Scott (b.1862 in Louisiana)
       |           Cornelia Gregg Hall (b.1827 in North Carolina)
       |     Maxcy Hall Scott (b.1893 in Louisiana)
       |           John Dargon DeWitt (b.1840 in South Carolina)
       |        Adlena DeWitt (b.1868 in Louisiana) 
       |           Martha Catherine Byrd (b.1840 in South Carolina)
       |_ Iris Adlena Scott (b.1921-CO)
            |      James R. McElvain (b.1828 in Illinois)
            |   Commodore Bradford McElvain (b.1863 in Nebraska)
            |      Sarah Elizabeth Purcell (b.1834 in Tennessee)
             Martha Elizabeth McElvain (b.1895 in Nebraska)

                   Luna Craft Maulsby (b.1845 in Indiana)
                Iris Lutitia Maulsby (b.1874 in Kansas)
                   Martha Jane Cale (b.1843 in Indiana)

I discovered WikiTree and am in the process of moving all my family history records over there. This tree has been updated to links on the ONE TREE TO RULE THEM ALL. This way if we are related, you can get the most updated version and if you know more, you can add and edit the tree to keep the whole family informed.

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