FREEMAN, George Alonzo (1850-1917)

	Born:	 January 10, 1850
		 Genessee County, New York
		 Mother: Julia
		 Father: John Freeman
	Married: Linetta Adelia Minard
		 September 25, 1872
		 Crawford County, KS

			Fred Alonzo Freeman, October 05, 1875, Crawford County, KS
			Etta Freeman, 1877, KS
			Bess Freeman, 1881, KS

	Died:	 February 20, 1917
		 near Erie, KS

George & Linetta Minard with their children
1860 Census, Alamo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan: John Freeman (40, Farm Laborer, born in NY), Julia (28, born in NY), Francis (13, born in NY, attended school), George (10, born in NY, attended school), Rosa (7, born in NY, attended school), Alice (4, born in MI, attended school), Mary (1, born in MI)
1870 Census, Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI: John Freeman(55, Farmer, born VT, cannot read/write), George (20, Farm Laborer, born NY), Rosa (17, Keeping House, born NY), Mary (12, born MI, attended school), Thomas (9, born MI)
1880 Census, Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI: George Freeman(30, Teamster, born NY, father VT, mother Ireland), Linetta(25, Wife, born IL, mother CT, father NY), Freddy(4, Son, born KS, father NY, mother IL), Ettie(2, Daughter, born KS, father NY, mother IL)
910 Census, Kalamazoo, MI: George A. Freeman (59, head, Teamster, born NY, father NY, mother England/Scotland?), Mary (47, wife, born OH, father England, mother OH), Benjamin Riley (63, boarder), Peter Perrine (47, boarder)

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