ROSS, Belle Marie (1865-1942)

	Born:	 January 11, 1865
		 Quincy, IL
		 Mother: Susan Mariah Lease
		 Father: Richard W. Ross
	Married: Robert W. Ross

			Susan A. Ross, September 14, 1887, KS
			Elizabeth E. Ross, August 13, 1892, Pittsburg, KS
			Edward Evertt Ross, July 4, 1894, KS
			Goldie Evalyn Ross, June 1897, KS		

	Died:	 October 22, 1942
		 Walnut Grove, KS
1990 Census: Crofoot, Marie B. (45, head, IL/OH/OH, runs boarding house), Ross, Bessie E. (11, daughter, KS/OH/IL), Everett G (15, son, KS/OH/IL, factory worker?), Goldie E. (17, daughter, KS/OH/IL), + 5 boarders
Belle & Husband
Belle & Husband (“B”?)
Belle, Susie, and baby Ethelyn
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