HALL, Cornelia Gregg (1827-1906)

        Born:	 May 10, 1827
		 Iredell County, North Carolina
		 Mother: Elizabeth Gregg
		 Father: William Davidson Hall
	Married: Robert Hamilton Scott
		 January 8, 1852
		 DeSoto Parish, LA 

			Richard Benton Scott (1852, LA)
			Alice Leigh Scott (1854, LA) 
                           -m- G.W. Sample
			Lockwood Alison Scott (1855, LA) 
                           -m- Ellen Kirven
			Robert Hall Scott (1857, LA) 
                           -m- Corinne Beard
			Alexander Carson Scott (1858, LA)
			William Henry Scott (1860, LA)
			Maxcy Gregg Scott (1862, LA)
                           ...aka Mary, female in 1870/male in 1880?
			Edward Lee Scott (1864, LA)
                           ...black in 1870/white in 1880?
			Wilburn Crawford Scott (1866, LA)
                           ...aka William?
                           -m- Florence Prothro
			Henrietta Hall Scott (1868, LA) 
                           -m- William Pendleton Courtney
			Eleanor Gregg Scott (1870, LA) 
                           -m- Olgus B.D. Patterson

	Died:	 December 6, 1906
		 DeSoto Parish, LA
1860 Census, DeSoto county, LA: Robert H. Scott (36), Cornelia (33), Mary B (17), Allice (6), Lockwood (4), Robt (3), Baden (1)
1870 Census: Scott, Rob. H. (42), Cornelia (40), Alice (16), Lockwood (14), Robt (12), Mar/xy (8 – female?), Edward (6, black and no last name?), William (4), Henerretta (2)
1880 Census: Scott, Robert H. (56), Corry G. (53, wife), LW (24, son), Robert H. (22, son), Meal? G. (17, son), Edward L. (15, son, now white?), William G. (13, son), Alice J (12, daughter), Elliner (9, daughter)

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