SCOTT, Thomas (1810-??)

	Born:	 abt 1810
		 South Carolina
		 Mother: ??
		 Father: ??
	Married: Mary Bivens

			Smith Scott, abt 1836, Indiana
			William Scott, abt 1838, Indiana
			Royal Scott, August 22, 1840, Maysville, Indiana
			Nancy Scott, abt 1842, Illinois
			Julia Ann Scott, abt 1844, Illinois

	Died:	 ??

1850 Census: Thomas Scott (40, Farmer, born in SC, unable to read/write), Mary (46, born in KY), Smith (14, born in IN, attended school), William (12, born in IN, attended school), Royal (10, born in IN, attended school), Nancy (8, born in Illinois, attended school), Julia Ann (6, born in Illinois, attended school)

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