ROSS, Elizabeth E. (1892-1990)

	Born:	 August 13, 1892
		 Pittsburg, KS
		 Mother: Belle Marie Ross
		 Father: Robert W. Ross
	Married: James Walter White
		 December 25, 1912
		 Wichita, KS

			Eugene Ellsworth White Dawson, January 23, 1917, Kansas City, KS
			Elthea Marie White, September 8, 1919, Kansas City, MO

	Married: Harold Dawson
		 abt. 1920

			Rosemary Dawson, October 20, 1923, Independence, KS

	Died:	 June 19, 1990
		 Inglewood, CA

Betty with two girls and grandchildren at beach, late 1940s
Betty with her girls 1960



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