SCOTT, Iris Adlena (1921-1973)

	Born:	 July 31, 1921
		 Hotchkiss, CO
		 Mother: Martha Elizabeth McElvain
		 Father: Maxcy Hall Scott
	Married: George Edward Scott
		 June 28, 1942
		 Prescott, AZ

			Mom, July 30, 1945, Southgate, CA
			Uncle, February 12, 1949, Lynnwood, CA
			Uncle, May 03, 1956, Lynnwood, CA
			Uncle, July 1957, Lynnwood, CA
			Aunt, January 13, 1960, Lynnwood, CA

	Died:	 October 11, 1973
		 Crescent City, CA
1998 – Children & Grandchildren

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