WHITE, Elthea Marie (1919-2009)

	Born:	 September 8, 1919
		 Kansas City, MO
		 Mother: Elizabeth E. Ross
		 Father: James Walter White
	Married: Dale Merwin Freeman
		 July 21, 1937
		 Chanute, KS

			Uncle, January 15, 1939, Chanute, KS
			Aunt, September 26, 1940, Chanute, KS
			Dad, March 3, 1942, Los Angeles, CA
			Aunt, September 08, 1945, Southgate, CA
			Aunt, January 15, 1949, Southgate, CA
			Aunt, July 12, 1953, Long Beach, CA

	Died: 	July or August 2009
		San Diego, CA

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