My Family Tree: Freeman, Timmons, Scott, McElvain

photo of some old family photos (not mine)

I’ve been interested in learning more about my family tree since I was pretty young, about 10 if I remember right. I’ve got a lot of things I think I know, but not always very good documentation. Some is hearsay from the family, some I’ve seen in written records that I don’t have a copy of (family Bibles, etc) and other stuff from the Internet. For the most part, I’m going to call it all hearsay unless I have a document, in which case I’ll post a copy here.

                   John Freeman (b.1815-VT)
                George Alonzo Freeman (b.1850-NY)
                   Julia (b.1832-Ireland)
             Fred Alonzo Freeman (b.1875-KS)
            |      Milton D. Minard (b.1816-OH)
            |   Linetta Adelia Minard (b.1854-IL)
            |         Thomas William Smith (b.1795-VT)
            |      Hannah Elizabeth Smith (b.1821-NY)
            |         Rebecca Hicks (b.1799-NY)
        _ Dale Merwin Freeman (b.1916-KS)
       |           Silas E. Timmons (b.1832-OH)
       |        Silas Leonard Timmons (b.1865-IN)
       |           Julia Ann Short (b.1840-IN)
       |     Jennie Pearl Timmons (b.1889-KS)
       |           Norman C. Church (b.1832-OH)
       |        Synthia Elizabeth Church (b.1864-KS)
       |           Harriet Lois Harpster (b.1840-OH)
   _ My Dad (1943-CA)
  |    |
  |    |        Josiah William White (b.1842-England)
  |    |     Joseph W. White (b.1888-KS)
  |    |        Edna Boothroyd (b.1857-England)
  |    |           Ann (b.England)
  |    |
  |    |_ Elthea Marie White (b.1919-MO)
  |             Robert W. Ross (b.1865-OH)
  |          Elizabeth E. Ross (b.1892-KS)
  |                Richard W. Ross (b.1823-OH)
  |             Belle Marie Ross (b.1865-IL)
  |                Susan M. Lease (b.1826-OH)
Me (b.1965-CA)
My Sister (b.1969-CA)
  |                Thomas Scott (b.1810-SC)
  |             Smith Scott (b.1836-IN)  
  |                Mary Bivens (b.1804-KY)
  |          George Edward Scott, Sr. (b.1864-IL)
  |                Henry Skinner (b.1793-PA)
  |             Harriet Skinner (b.1838-OH)
  |                Elizabeth (b.1806-PA)
  |     _ George Edward Scott, Jr. (b.1907-IA)
  |    |
  |    |           Henry Pilcher (b.1814-VA)
  |    |        Thomas J. Pilcher (b.1848-IA)
  |    |           Honor Rude (b.1822-VA)
  |    |              Mary (b.1787-VA)
  |    |     Florence Ollie Pilcher (1876-KS)
  |    |           Joseph Ryan (b.1817-OH)
  |    |        Elizabeth Ryan (b.1846-OH)
  |    |           Hannah Victoria Foster (b.1817-England)
  |    |
  |_ My Mom (b.1945-CA)
       |              Leonard Scott (b.1782-VA)
       |           Richard Hamilton Scott (b.1824-AL)
       |              Lucinda Bullock (b.1787-SC)
       |        Maxcy Gregg Scott (b.1862-LA)
       |              William Davidson Hall (b.1784-NC)
       |           Cornelia Gregg Hall (b.1827-NC)
       |              Elizabeth Gregg (b.1788-SC)
       |     Maxcy Hall Scott (b.1893-LA)
       |              Samuel Douith DeWitt (b.1804-SC)
       |           John Dargon DeWitt (b.1840-SC)
       |              Jane Byrd (b.1809-SC)
       |        Adlena DeWitt (b.1868-LA) 
       |              Evander Byrd (b.1811-SC)
       |           Martha Catherine Byrd (b.1840-SC)
       |              Elizabeth Mason (b.1809-SC)
       |_ Iris Adlena Scott (b.1921-CO)
            |         Robert McElvain (b.1788-VA)
            |      James R. McElvain (b.1828-IL)
            |         Keziah Wells (b.1790-SC)
            |   Commodore Bradford McElvain (b.1863-NE)
            |         James J. Purcell (b.1805-TN)
            |      Sarah Elizabeth Purcell (b.1834-TN)
            |         Rebecca Short (b.1805-England)
             Martha Elizabeth McElvain (b.1895-NE)
                      John Maulsby (b.1814-TN)
                   Louis Luny Craft Maulsby (b.1845-IN)
                      Mary Ann Craft (b.1814-NC)
                Iris Lutitia Maulsby (b.1874-KS)
                      Moses M. Cale (b.1809-?)
                   Martha Jane Cale (b.1843-IN)
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